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Business by Bots in the Conversational Era

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Company-Wide Use Cases

For Business Leaders, Executives and Consultants

Applicant Bot

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Arms HR teams to shorten interview cycles with Bots that screen candidates, provide information about the company and work culture, answer questions about a job opening and schedule interviews.

Business Card Bot

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Convert your paper business card into an interactive bot that answers queries 24/7, tells the prospect about your company and starts an instant conversation with you when they need to connect for more.

Sales Bot

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Free up Sales Reps time to close key deals with the S&M Bot which takes the load of responding to routine queries from prospects for product or service information and setting up meetings and demos.

Company Bot

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Create conversational company profiles laced with documents, use cases, testimonials, pricing information, product/service videos and FAQs - that helps you grow your brand better and faster.


Automate Everyday Repetitive Tasks

It is impossible to engage every contact effectively everyday. No more. Automate nurturing and managing contacts, 24/7.

Get Conversational Era Ready

Ditch static business cards, PPTs, and brochures that only share information. Grow faster with Conversational Bots designed to promote engaging conversations.

Personalize Approach for Every Contact

Business Card BotEvery contact is different, so should be their experience. The AI engine uses ongoing interactions to personalize attention for every contact.

Support Green Initiatives

Create business collaterals in a fresh new way for the Digital First world and contribute in your little way to global green initiatives.


Digital Files

Provide important documents and informative videos. Share confidential files protected with WhatsApp security protocols.

Customisable Bot

Setup Meetings, demos, give instant response to queries and provide contextual advisory.


See statistical graphs of interactions with all WhatsApp Cards issued by you or your company/representatives.

Automated Notifications

Send automated event based notifications and alerts on company activities, webinars, product launches, etc

Share Option

Let your contacts make your and your company profile viral with an easy share option embedded inside the card.


Customise cards with targeted content for specific activities or contacts.

Dynamic Update

Modify, Update or Add information or content to the card anytime, with seamless updates at the contact end.

Intuitive Creation Process

Easy SaaS application to create cards with no IT support. Anyone can use it.

Experience Maps

Expert designed workflows to nurture contacts/leads with contextual interactions at crucial junctures

Conversation Templates

Expert designed conversation templates to have automated Bot driven conversations to engage contacts at frequent intervals.



  • Corporate bot
  • Applicant bot
  • Sales & marketing bot
  • Business bot
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