Digital Experience Cloud

A suite of tools and open APIs to bring together all your existing business applications, create interactive Digital Experience Cards and deliver captivating post purchase experiences.

Transform Every Stage of the Post Purchase Journey

Bring together all your post purchase channels to improve service, support, up sell, insights gathering
and marketing automation and offer a seamless journey to your customers


Smooth and quick onboarding

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  • Product Registration
  • Smart Recommendations
  • Step by Step Guides
  • Digital Repositories

On Demand & Conversational

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  • Do It Yourself
  • Help Center
  • Live Chat

Contextual and Personalized Messaging

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  • Lifecycle Messaging
  • Feedback Management
  • Data Driven Smart Interactions

Expand relationship, increase lifetime value

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  • Cross Sell
  • UpSell
  • Add-On Selling

Incentivize brand promotion

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  • Gamification
  • Promotions

Seamless integration with all your business applications

We want you to leverage our platform with minimal changes to the way you work, hence we have made it easy to blend with your existing IT systems.

NHANCE NOW integrates smoothly and securely with all your business applications. Sync data, import and export content effortlessly between different systems to make every experience interaction simpler and better.

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Machine learning to generate deep user insights

Our deep learning technology is baked into our platform and mobile channels to generate actionable user analytics. Learn about user preferences, engagement metrics, & demographical data.

You can leverage the information to build customer profiles, deliver real time contextual messages, anticipate customer needs and automate key actions based on specific events thereby improving the overall experience.

Dashboards & Reporting

Our platform generates tons of data for you. Our visualization engine helps you make a quick analysis of important metrics. Our detailed reports help you with in depth analysis.

Make sense of numbers, measure performance of various campaigns and get useful customer data with a few clicks.Bring all your post purchase customers interaction channels together within a single platform and discover the new ways of value creation and benefits from every channel.

Hyper Personalization

Make customers feel valued and loved by customising your interactions with them. Tailor greetings, welcome messages, content, offers and recommendations with our business rule engine and smart messaging tools.

Our personallization tool helps you build loyalty, increase revenue, promote add-on purchases leading to a happier customer base.

Built for scale

Our architecture is optimized to handle scale as your business grows. We are hosted on AWS and use a host of other technologies to help you scale dynamically, maintain industry standard uptimes and maintain operational efficiency at increased load.

We manage the entire technology backbone so that you can focus on growing your business.

Other Platform Highlights

Modernize and simplify experience for your customers" with "A complete industry standard SaaS offering

Easy Setup

Plug-n-play modules. Get started quickly. Scale as you go along.

Pay Per Use

Pay only for what you use. No setup fees. No surprises!

Highly Secure

Hosted on AWS. All your data is encrypted using 128-bit AESencryption

Help & Support

Always a call, message or mail away. Everyone is a premium customer!

Personalized Training

Personal training sessions tailored specific to your industry.

Intuitive Interface

Works with all your existing IT systems and 3rd party applications


We employ the best in class security protocols to protect data and application

  • Platform hosted on AWS
  • Data Encrypted with AES, 128-bit key length
  • Data transmission is over SSL
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