Digital Experience Card

A mobile friendly, interactive, personalized digital card, which binds all post purchase interactions and transforms the way in which your customers interact, engage and transact with you.

(Accessible over App, Mobile Web & PWA)

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Digital Experience Cards re-invent your customer relationship.

Enhance the experience of digitally empowered customers, increase lifetime value and build larger number of profitable customers.

Give a complete makeover to post purchase convenience

Provide the entire post purchase experience with an easy to use mobile channel, enable super simple interactions, automate repetitive activities with user permissions and offer smart recommendation to help customers get an enriching and fulflling product experience.

Build life time partnership with your customers

Customers usually feel a sense of abandonement after the purchase phase. With Digital Kits you can now 'live' the entire post purchase journey with them, digitally handholding them through important stages.

Offer a full spectrum of brand experiences to amplify brand value

Provide a full range of brand services in a completely new format. Empower customers with on-demand access to important product information, delight them with hyper personalized interactions and proactively engage with them to transmit a better ownership experience.

Digital Experience Cards empower customers

Transfer control of post purchase customer experience into the hands of your customers

One Stop Mobile Hub

Provide all post purchase engagement over an elegant mobile interface. Help customers discover special offers, access all your services, make purchases, and stay in touch with you at all times.

Its customer experience like never before and helps your customers easily manage product or service journeys.

Help Center

Provide resolutions to customer queries instantly. Let customers choose from a list of curated resolutions to most common queries or raise service requests for specific issues.

Help centers are the ideal alternative support channel, which offers a quick first line of support, enabling fast, fulfilling and on-demand customer support.

Do It Yourself

Provide a range of self help resources in easy to consume videos, images and document files. Your customers get an on-demand knowledgebase and training artefacts to quicken product adoption and improve product usage.

It is every customers’ digital assistant, available 24x7 to help them get the best value out of your products or services.

Personalized Interactions

Send intelligent and contextual recommendations that are meant just for your customers! No more irrelevant messages that get labelled as spam. Every interaction is mapped to the product or service that your customers own..

Digital Documents

Move away from cumbersome paper products and provide invoices, warranties, safety manuals,intstruction guides in digital lossless formats. You can even let your customers add invoices to access purchase details.

Digitization is the best way to eliminate fake documents and allows anytime, anywhere access to documents and peace of mind for your customers.

Complimentary Purchases

Enable quick discovery and 1-tap purchase of key complimentary services like extended warranty, insurances and various other add-ons with a simple intuitive interface.

Boost your upsell and cross sell and save time for your customers by making it easy to make essential purchases right from their mobile phones.

Realtime Feedback

Get instant realtime feedback on every aspect of your business. It takes less than 10 seconds for your customers to complete and make their voice heard.

This allows you to process critical issues immediately and form a holistic picture of your business and stay aligned with your customer expectations.

More benefit

A digtial kit has a lot more to offer.

Product Registration

Enable Registration of any product in 3 easy steps.


Conduct instant surveys on any product, service or brand experience.

View Events

Show all upcoming and scheduled events in one place.

Actionable Notifications

Include Call to Actions within all notifications.

Automated Alerts

Send automated reminders and never let customers miss out on any important activity.


Provide step by step recommendations through the entire customer journey.

Show your customers how much you care about their experience

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