Customer Experience Management Platform

CX Automation Tools designed for Startups, SMBs and SMEs
to deliver Best-in-Class Customer Experience, Cut Costs and
Increase Business Revenue

  • Personalize, Engage and Build Trust with your customers
  • Create an Effective New Sales Channel to Grow Your Business.

Trusted by businesses globally

What you can do with NHANCE NOW?​​​

Earn & Build Customer Loyalty

Powerful, Automated & Easy-to-use CX Tools to strengthen your bond with customer

Deliver Excellent Customer Service

Live Chat Support; Configure Help Center & FAQs; Convert customer requests into unique ticket ids; Assign tickets to agents; Measure & Monitor Customer Satisfaction.

Generate Additional Sales

Easily create Cross-sell & Upsell Opportunities through Campaign Manager and other in-app tools

Automate every step of your
Customer Journey Map

Achieve tremendous success in Customer Retention, Customer Satisfaction, and Customer Life-time Value

Fully Automated Customer Feedback Collection

Pre-configure and Automate Customer Feedback collection at every customer touchpoint.

Run Smarter Marketing Campaigns

Run Targeted Offers, Flash Sales and Special Events via triggered push notifications that are based on customers’ personal preferences and habits

Identify & Understand Your Customers’ Needs

Analytics and Reports that can help you understand your customer preferences better

AI based Self-Service Portal

Provide rich media files, on-demand videos, digital documents, tips & tricks, and more to assist and drive your customer actions

Transform Every Stage of the Post Purchase Journey

Bring together all your post purchase channels to improve service, support, up sell, insights gathering
and marketing automation and offer a seamless journey to your customers


Smooth and quick onboarding

  • Product Registration
  • Smart Recommendations
  • Step by Step Guides
  • Digital Repositories

On Demand & Conversational

  • Do It Yourself
  • Help Center
  • Self Service

Contextual and Personalized Messaging

  • Lifecycle Messaging
  • Feedback Management
  • Data Driven Smart Interactions

Expand relationship, increase lifetime value

  • Cross Sell
  • UpSell
  • Add-On Selling

Incentivize brand promotion

  • Gamification
  • Promotions

We help Businesses Setup and Organize Successful Customer Experience Programs

Right from Designing Customer Journey Maps, Establishing New Customer Touchpoints, Process Integrations, Implementation and leading cross-functional initiatives that deliver Simple, Convenient and Personalized Experience to their Customers.


  • Issue Unlimited DX Cards to new & existing customers
  • Full access to Campaign Management Tools
  • Run Unlimited Offers, Deals, Discounts, personalized messages, & more
  • Automate Customer Engagement
  • Unlimited Feedback Collection
  • Advanced Customer Support Tools

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