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Your customers crave to message you. Let them.

Make interacting with your business as easy as messaging friends and family, over the digital channels your customers use everyday.

Business communication meets personal messaging

As per latest global statistics, over 2 billion conversations happen over digital channels every day!

The biggest channels of them all like Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Wechat, Apple Business Messaging have overtaken our daily lives by empowering us with a powerful new tool – which enables us to get things done in a highly personalized and supremely convenient way.

Businesses have awakened to this changed consumers behavior and are rapidly re-constructing their customer experiences around messaging. Messaging has replaced clunky IVRs, long wait times, incompetent agents, frustrating visits to outlets and many such business interactions.

Meet your messaging channels

FB Messenger
Other web chat applications
Good old SMS

Provide friendlier customer interactions with emojis and images

Business messaging that contains elements of normal day to day chat like emojis, images, gifs, audio and gets deeper customer attention. And its the easiest way for your brand to end up on your customer's personal friends list.

60%More chances of customers responding to messages
with images and emojis

Speed up response time with buttons and quick replies

Simpler response mechanisms make it intuitive for customers to engage in deeper conversations. Enable short answers, quick replies, canned templates that make the entire conversation flow more natural.

5xIncrease in response time as compared to
typing with quick replies

Enable immersive experiences over chat with carousals

Carousal interfaces in popular chat platforms allow you to enable the same level of rich interaction that was possible only through native apps. Turn boring text interactions into highly engaging conversations with a visual layer.

10xEase of brand engagement with rich interactive carosual
driven customer experience

Bot and human driven chats that complete transactions

Use a mix of human interactions and tailored bot-enabled responses that start and finish entire transactions. Make it easy for customers to complete important tasks without having to visit multiple channels.

0Visual interfaces needed to search, choose, pay and complete a

Chat interoperability. Start a chat in one medium and continue on another.

Web chat with a bigger screen and convenient keyboard is often the preferred chat medium. However it is prone to interruputions if your customer has to step away for an activity. Now they can simply transfer the ongoing chat session to a mobile chat platform of their choice and continue the conversation.

100%Continuity in chat sessions without having to worry about
dropping out at a crucial juncture of interaction.

Use Cases

Why messaging is important for every business today?


Consumers prefer messaging

64% of consumers prefer texting over calling for customer service.


Consumers would pay more for messaging

66% of customers would pay more for a product of service supported by messaging.


Messaging decreases agent work time

Messaging decreases worktime by 25% compared to the next closest channel. Agents can handle multiple simulataneous conversations.

7-22 PPT

Consumers are more satisfied on messaging

Companies who use messaging have seen a 7-12 ppt increase in CSAT scores.


Consumers read messages

98% of text messages get read within 3 minutes of receipt.

Customer proof

"We have reduced our post-purchase experience touch points from 7 to 1. It has simplified our customer's life and improved the value of individual touch points."

Jimmy KuhlVP-Customer Satisfaction, Triglobal Healthcare Services

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