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Liberate your customers from typing and reading.

Help them with an immediate and frictionless way of getting answers, information and alerts in the most natural and human form of interaction.

How may i help you? The future of CX here today

Voice technology is the future of customer experience. As brands worldwide look for new ways to personalize relationships with their customers, voice offers the most convenient opportunity.

Be it support, access to information or purchases, businesses get maximum value from channels which offer these services through voice mediums. Voice tech allows your customers to mimic natural behavior and is the most casual way for them to get their work done.

By 2020 half of all internet searches and 30% of all interactions would be by voice! Incorporating voice technology throughout every stage of the customer experience offers unprecedented opportunities to boost customer happiness and cultivate customer loyalty. And you can get started NOW!

Meet your voice channels

Alexa Enabled Devices
Google Home Devices
Apple Homepod

Enable a personal assistant for every customer

Turn voice enabled devices and voice assistants on your customer's mobile into their digital personal assistants by connecting your company's service, support and other interaction channels. Your customer's entire brand experience is now as simple as 'Just Asking'.

80%Jump in customer convenience and interactions when brands enable voice based customer support.

Voice bots that provide 24/7 customer support

Your customers may need support at any time of day and keeping agents at full capacity affects long term business revenue. Give your customers voice interfaces that answers their queries in a natural conversational flow, just like a customer support respresentative.

30%Savings in customer support costs with voice bots that work round the clock reducing human resource.

Talk to your customers in the language they prefer

Take personalization deeper with a localized flavor to your customer interactions. Leverage localization algorithms and natural language understanding technology to let customers talk to you in their own language.

3xIncrease in customer engagement when businesses talk to their customers in local languages.

Never put your
customers on hold ever again

Your customers hate waiting! On hold, for answers or for transactions to be completed. It's the No.1 reason why they abandon brands. Adopting voice technology eliminates wait times, untangles them from IVRs and gets them the answers they need in an instant.

55%Of customers dropout of support calls if they are made to wait on hold for more than 3 minutes.

Give your brand a voice of its own

Business growth is all about relationships. Voice tech helps you create a tailored brand tone that humanizes your brand identity. Customers love real relationships and voice tech allows you to add the missing human touch to otherwise cold digital relationships.

5xIncrease in brand loyalty when customers encounter humanized brand experiences.

How does voice technology helps to improve your business?

Driving Customer Experience

Range of service

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, customer service availability

Increased quality and accuracy

Reduce human dependancy and provide machine driven consistent responses

Speed of Service

Timely and efficient problem handling during the first contact

Driving Productivity and Efficiency

Lower Costs

Decrease number of customer service agents

Focus on value added work

Customer service agents can invest more time on complex cases

Delivering Business Outcomes

Sales Enabled Chatbots

Enable ChatBots to order products on behalf of the customer

Customer Loyalty

Increase customer loyalty by giving a personalized customer experience approach

Use Cases

Customer proof

"Our customers prefer instant messaging to get their queries resolved rather than send an email and wait. Providing support over WhatsApp has helped us build trust and helped our customers take decisions promptly."

Joe AryVP-Operations, Trinity Financials

Meet the other channels

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Make interacting with your business for your customers as easy as messaging friends and family.

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