DX Card(Digital experience card)

Digital Card for
customer experience.

Help your customers with the most convenient way to manage post purchase journey in one place, with a

conversational experience card.
  • Unique post purchase conversational experience hub
  • All brand services in one place
  • Personalized experience card with each purchase

Provide all your post-purchase interactions
in one place

On an average your customer has to deal with 8-12 different touch points to access various post-purchase services. Bring it down to 1 by putting everything on a personalized DX Card. Your customer's post-purchase journey now has only one all encompassing touch point.

10xJump in post-purchase customer experience and convenience and in your brand value.
Meet your DX Cards.

Personalize each DX Card for your customer

The same product or service sold to different customers always has characteristics which are unique. DX Card allows you to tailor experiences which are customised for every customer and it gets better with every interaction.

4xIncrease in customer engagement if the content and experience is personalized.

DX Card is the "Smartest" card in the world

Every DX Card is powered by Bots which initiate micro-conversations with your customers at key stages of the post-purchase journey. Step by step recommendations in a conversational flow help take the pain out of product journey management.

20%Reduction in efforts for customers with DX Card managing the product journey for them.

Every DX Card is primed for conversations

An AI-enabled conversational layer on every DX Card allows your customers to effortlessly start a personal conversation with any DX Card. Now every bit of information or any transaction is just a text or voice command away.

20%Reduction in post-purchase experience management cost by using DX Card.

DX Cards can be accessed on any conversational channel

DX Cards are designed to morph into any shape and form to make it easy for your customers to access them on the channel of their choice. DX Cards can be accessed over any messaging platform, voice assistant or our custom NHANCE NOW app.

20+Number of channels on which DX Cards can be accessed turning CX truly omni-channel.


Give your customers a quick and easy start

(Product Registration/Activation, Recommendations, Tips)
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Instant & Conversational Support Services

(Self Service, Service Request, Helpdesk)
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Personalized and contextual life cycle interactions

(Push Notifications, Offers, Smart Notifications, Feedback)
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Incremental and lifetime purchases made easy

(Add-on Selling, Upsell, Cross Sell, Exchange, Recycle)
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Customer proof

"We have reduced our post-purchase experience touch points from 7 to 1. It has simplified our customer's life and improved the value of individual touch points." "We have reduced our post-purchase experience touch points from 7 to 1. It has simplified our customer's life and improved the value of individual touch points."

Jimmy KuhlVP-Customer Satisfaction, Triglobal Healthcare Services

Bots and Live Video
New instant support channels

“For a single man like me it’s a delight. I can get the best resolution for my queries without having to worry about an outsider’s intrusion to my private space.”

- A typical young professional
  • Request assistance
  • AI Bots provide first level response
  • Escalates to support agent
  • Remote Live video support
  • Safe, secure and instant resolution

Automated discovery of the
best add-ons

In a city life time is a luxury. To find time to look after my favorite products is impossible. DX Cards are a boon for me. They are my goto virtual assistant and my product care-takers!

- Urban Dweller
  • Purchase product
  • Receive interactive DX Card
  • Discover accessories, care plans, ongoing offers
  • Simple one tap purchases
  • Protection, value addition

Smart recommendations are
easing customer’s lives

HECTIC! One word which sums up my daily life. DX Cards are my second brain. They do all the background work for me, curate the information and present it to me. All I have to do is press the YES or NO button. Bingo!

- Everyday Professional
  • Bought a product
  • Missed buying a protection plan
  • AI Engine finds the best extended warranty plan
  • Actionable notification reminds in nick of time
  • 1-tap purchase Product protection extended

Digital assets are improving ownership experience

My friends always think I have got more expensive products with better capabilities. In reality I just know all the secrets about my products!

- Winner at the coffee table
  • Receive fully loaded DX Card
  • Instructions, entitlement knowledgebase, educational assets
  • Discover new ways of getting more out of your products
  • Better value for money
  • Improved ownership experience

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