On demand & conversational

Give customers control to resolve queries on their own and get trained with knowledge-bases and various DIY channels

A modern customer wants control on how and when to resolve their issues, take training or simply learn about new features and functionalities. Nhance now helps you deliver these through a variety of support channels which are self-managing. It transfers control of the support services directly to customers and lets them control the frequency, pace and channel of choice.


Do it yourself (DIY)

The future of product and services training is “doing it ourselves”. Provide rich media files, on-demand videos, digital documents, tips and tricks to assist customers gain knowledge about your products and services without any external aid.

Eliminate the need of human resources for assisting customers and enable anytime, anywhere learning.

Help center

Modern day customers are impatient. They need resolutions to their queries instantly. Provide instant help via troubleshooting videos, FAQs, remote video support to provide instant gratification to your customers.

The self-service section can help reduce the load on your back-office teams by as much as 30%. It can also reduce field visit of technicians and support agents by as much as 70%.

Live chat

Live chat is the best communication platform to offer a real-time support and response to your customers. It has higher satisfaction rates than email and phone.With instant connect to live chat agents and 24/7 availability, it is the most non-intrusive channel for customers support enjoying wide popularity.

Live chat not only helps your customers start a conversation with you anytime, it also helps you to build long-term relationships with your existing customers.