Customer Support

Automate Customer Engagement across the product lifecycle in
consumer retail

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Key Use Case


Keep customers updated on deals, recommendations, and service requests. The Support Bot ensures that  customers are always in the know of the activities regarding new products or any request raised. 

02Automated Responses 

Provide instant, reliable information to your customers over WhatsApp and enable automated responses to their queries at any time. The Support Bot eliminates the need to send emails or call IVRs. 

03Live Chat

For the customers with an urgent need to speak with a support executive, the live chat feature can come in handy. Convenience is key here, and with instant messaging you can ensure greater levels of customer satisfaction. 

04Follow-on Purchases

Give your customers the option to buy add-on products and services conveniently through WhatsApp. Allow a seamless purchase experience and simplify the upsell/cross sell process.


Collect product, service feedback, conduct surveys and polls to understand your customers’ needs better and tailor more personalized experiences for them. 

The Support Bot turbocharges your customer support and takes customer engagement and satisfaction to the next level. 

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