Conversational Commerce

Simplified Online Shopping and Order Management through everyday messaging apps.

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Key Use Case

01Lead Generation

Reach out to more prospective customers through WhatsApp and engage at a personal level. Showcase your products, enable enquiries and notify customers on the launch of new products. Automate lead generation through the Commerce Bot and drive increased revenues.

02New Orders

Enable order taking on WhatsApp through personalized conversations. Provide order confirmations, product listings and create opportunities to upsell/cross sell your products.

03Order Management

Share real-time information on Shipment Tracking, Returns and Order History through WhatsApp. Keep your customers informed about their orders and provide timely updates about their purchase. With the Commerce Bot, there is minimal need to login to apps, web portals or contact support for any required information. 

04Customer Support

Automate interactions with your customers through the Commerce Bot, and provide FAQs, escalations and service requests through WhatsApp. Improve customer satisfaction by substantially cutting down turnaround times and allow customers to be connected and informed 24 by 7. 

05Customer Engagement

Provide contextual product recommendations, take feedback and automate re-targeting through WhatsApp. Save valuable man-hours and resources by deploying the Commerce Bot to automate customer engagement. 

06Loyalty and Rewards

Customers can now view and redeem their loyalty points easily over WhatsApp. Enable hassle-free access to the accumulated redemption points and share automated updates when customers reach milestones. 

The Commerce Bot provides a more engaging shopping experience, and is a great channel to drive more sales through improved customer satisfaction levels.

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