Conversational Employee Engagement

Improve recruitment efficiency in a remote hiring environment through WhatsApp.

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Key Use Case

01Inbound HR Enquiries

Addressing HR enquiries from multiple employees is often a challenge for HR Manager. With the Employee Engagement Bot, it becomes much easier to manage inbound HR enquiries, making the HR function more efficient and keeping employees informed at all times. 

02Feedback & Surveys

Unlike on email, SMS or other conventional channels, feedback and surveys over WhatsApp have a much higher response rate due to the convenience of access. 

03Service Requests

For employees who want to raise a request like leave application or tax calculation, the requests can be quickly made through WhatsApp using the Employee Engagement bot. This is bound to save a great deal of time and effort for both employees and HR managers. 

04Meeting Bookings 

Based on the calendar of the employee or HR, meetings can be quickly scheduled remotely over WhatsApp with the bot sending timely reminders or any change of plans. 

05Document Sharing

Don’t let company documents get lost in the mail. Use simple and easy sharing over WhatsApp for greater accessibility and quicker response times. 


Verified broadcast messages can be shared over WhatsApp to employees, ensuring quick delivery and access. 

The Employee Engagement Bot is an efficient solution designed to make the overall business function more streamlined and manageable. It is especially effective in remote and WFH environments which demand contactless employee engagement strategies. 

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