Conversational Commerce

All the tools you need to sell products, provide service & generate consumer insights.

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Here is how customers are benefitting from our Commerce Cloud

A traditional offline retailer is now selling 20% of goods online and scaling in local language.

Shifted 65% of its inbound queries to WhatsApp Bot to save 20% on support costs.

Assisted selling on WhatsApp and Facebook channels helped their social commerce grow 40%.


Sell Product & Services

  • Product Management
  • Cart Management
  • Payment Gateways
  • Multi Channel Access Points

Provide Service & Support

  • Order Management
  • AI Based Query Handling
  • Live Chat
  • Notification and Updates

Consumer Insights & Engagement

  • User and Usage Analytics
  • Referral & Loyalty
  • Feedback & Surveys
  • Smart Recommendations

Commerce Tech Stack

  • Product Manager
  • Menu Builder
  • Chat Flow Builder
  • Cart Configurator
  • Payment Integration
  • Commerce Engine
  • Live Chat
  • FAQ Manager
  • NLP Engine
  • Notification Engine
  • Recommendations
  • Loyalty & Referral
  • Analytics & Insights
  • API Library
  • 3rd Party Integrations
  • Audit Logs
  • Compliance Control
  • AES 256/SAML 2.0
  • Token ID Management
  • Channel Configurator
Conversational Commerce Bot

Give a guided buying assistance to our consumers to increase conversion.

For all kind of Consumer Products
Commerce + Support Bot

Give a rich AI based app and web like shopping and support experience on messaging apps.

For all kind of Consumer Products
Simple Commerce Bot

Help your customers make purchases and ask question on messaging apps they use everyday.

For all kind of Consumer Products

How Businesses Are Using Our Conversational Commerce Cloud

Social Commerce

Sell and provide support over social and messaging apps.

Direct to Consumer (D2C)

Sell once or multiple times, directly to consumers.

Subscription Commerce

Sell monthly, quarterly and annual subscriptions.

Marketplace Commerce

Aggregate products from multiple sellers.

Easy Integration with 1000+ tools.

We want you to leverage our platform with minimal changes to the way you work, hence we have made it easy to blend with your existing IT systems.

NHANCE NOW integrates smoothly and securely with all your business applications. Sync data, import and export content effortlessly between systems to simplify and improve every customer interaction.

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