Conversational Banking

Enable Simple and secure Banking through WhatsApp. Allow transactions, support and general information through personalized conversations. Save thousands of hours of work for yourself and your customers through instantaneous, round-the-clock communication.

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Key Use Case

01Digital KYC

Acquiring new customers in banking requires a significant amount of sales effort with multiple outbound calls and follow ups often required to close a sale. Several customers will have similar questions about a financial product which often need to be addressed by an executive. With the Banking Bot, multiple customers can interact with a single bot at a time convenient to them. Apart from providing information, the bot can also be configured to follow-up with a prospect. Once a new customer is acquired, KYC can also be done digitally over WhatsApp.

02Payments & Transfers

With conversational banking, payments are just a WhatsApp message away. Give your customers the freedom to transact effortlessly using the Banking Bot. Making or scheduling a payment can now be easily done through a simple WhatsApp chat, verified and highly secure.

03Account Management

Basic account functions like checking balance, statement requests, blocking a card, etc. can be enabled through WhatsApp providing the customer with convenience. In case of unfortunate events like fraud or loss of card, the customer is saved from long wait times and can instantly get his card blocked through a WhatsApp text. To put it simply, the customer is always connected instantly over WhatsApp.

04Customer Support

This is one area where the Banking Bot can really put things into perspective for customers as well as the bank. With WhatsApp, information can be instantly shared with the customer and requests/complaints can be taken in real-time. This saves a lot of time for the customer, and also a lot of effort for the bank. IVRs, long hold times and waiting for ticket responses are things of the past. Give your customer instant support at any time of the day through WhatsApp.

05Customer Engagement

Schedule updates, promotional and educational content over WhatsApp and add effective calls to action over WhatsApp. Don’t just rely on conventional communication channels to reach your customers. Personalize communication and engage better with individual customers to increase loyalty and satisfaction levels.

06Knowledge Base

Keep your customers well informed of your products, services and policies. Educate them about loans, investment best practices, provide tips on fraud prevention and updates on banking protocols to lead a financially productive life.

Unleash a new wave of digital convenience for your customers with the Banking Bot. It is quick, cost-effective and 100% secure.

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