Conversational Expertise As A Service

Get vetted conversational experts on hourly packages, to make digital services work better for you and your customers.

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How Does It Works?

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We have categories covering every step of the customer engagement journey.


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Vetted professionals who you can hire for as less as an hour.


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Who Are Conversational Experts?

Highly Rated Professionals

Who are skilled designers, content creators and consultants who specialize in customer journeys and digital experience.

Top Digital Agencies

Vetted and verified agencies who assist in strategic planning and end to end implementation to build successful conversational brands.

Handpicked Freelancers

Top grads from reputed online institutions for specific tactical services.

Expertise Use Cases

  • I need a complete conversational automation strategy.

  • I want to implement a basic AI framework to reduce support cost.

  • I need continuous training to NLP system.


  • Conversational Scripts
  • Navigation Flows
  • BOT - Look and Feel
  • Chat Flow Templates


  • Compliance Consulting
  • Conversation Analysis
  • Multi Channel Conversation
  • And Much More

How GMDC Uses The Expertise Service

Language Specialist

Conversation scripts with choice of english words to be easily understood by customers speaking more than 50 languages.

NLP Trainer

On an average each question is asked in 15+ different ways. Robust NLP training to understand and answer each query.


GMDC conversational Bot runs on WhastApp, APP and FB. A Conversation analyst finds trends & recommends improvements.

You Continue To Get Top Notch Support, Experts Provide The Cutting Edge.

Customer Support

  • Product Expert
  • Provide Functional Value
  • Low Domain Knowledge
  • Assist with Account Setup
  • Help with New Features
  • Help Improve Product Adoption
  • Educate Product Roadmaps

Conversation Expert

  • Knowledge Expert
  • Provide Tactical Value
  • Deep Domain Knowledge
  • Assist with Strategy Planning
  • Help with New Ideas
  • Help Improve End User NPS
  • Educate AI Roadmaps

How Do We Assure Quality of Service

Credible Experts

Rigorous Vetting Process

Delivery Assurance

Rating System

Payment Assurance

Prepaid for Customers Experts Paid Delivery

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