Conversational Insurance

Automate customer acquisition, query handling, claims and much more through WhatsApp.

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Key Use Case

01Digital KYC

Educate customers about your policies, benefits and help them understand your offerings through a conversational channel. Use WhatsApp to automate lead generation, KYC and send instant quotes. The InsureBot can greatly simplify the process of finding new customers, educating them and converting them into paid accounts. 


Allow your customers to quickly purchase, renew policies or make investments through WhatsApp. Enable an added layer of convenience with the InsureBot and keep your customers coming back. 

03Claims Processing

Using the InsureBot, your customers can submit claims, receive updates and get their queries addressed instantly through a 100% safe, contactless interface. Reduce paperwork, processing times and keep your customers satisfied.

04Customer Support

With the InsureBot, you can  automate customer support through intelligent conversations. Your customers can chat over WhatsApp at anytime to get answers to FAQs, submit grievances or escalate problems to a human agent.

05Customer Engagement

Improve customer engagement through contextual recommendations, alerts, offers and interactive feedback. Don’t let your messaging get lost in SMS or emails, get better visibility and response rates through WhatsApp.

06Knowledge Base

Maintain a useful repository of information about insurance products, investment advice and financial advice to add value to your customers and keep them aware of the latest trends and best practices. 

The InsureBot is designed to streamline your business processes so that you can achieve faster turnaround times and better customer satisfaction levels while also reducing operating costs.

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