Brand assets

Our brand is a reflection of our customers, our team.

Short description

Conversational Automation Platform to help businesses sell products and provide service on WhatsApp, Facebook, Voice Assistants and 30+ more digital channels, with zero in-person interactions. #GoDigitalBeNormal

Boilerplate description

With Covid demolishing all the traditional ways of doing business, digital customer engagement is more important than ever. But with so many digital customer touch points, technical challenges, & compliance issues how does a business simplify the complexities of growing their digital business? It’s frustrating and time-consuming. Nearly every business today faces this challenge.

We help consumer business companies solve this with a complete digital business platform that brings together conversational Bots, automation tools and experts services in one place. It helps them automate their customer interactions, easily connect to messaging apps, voice assistants, social media and transform into a digital business. In other words…they can scale to any number of touch points, handle thousands of interactions daily without having to hire hundreds of resources or worry about their customer’s experience.

Based out of Bangalore (and now everywhere) , we work with consumer product and services companies in e-commerce, consumer retail, financial services, hospitality, healthcare and auto.

Our 100+ customers are spread across the SMB and Mid Market segment in India, Middle East and Africa.


Our headline type is Eina03. We use it Big and Bold.

For secondary headlines, we use it bold and regular.


Primarily we stick to pink, dark blue and grey shades. When we need some color, we dip into our color palette.

#ff0057 C=0 M=99 Y=51 K=0 pink
#b783f9 C=0 M=99 Y=51 K=0 Soft violet
#2cfffe C=0 M=99 Y=51 K=0 Vivid cyan
#0ef7b5 C=0 M=99 Y=51 K=0 lime green
#131725C=0 M=99 Y=51 K=0 dark blue
#e8e6f0 C=0 M=99 Y=51 K=0 Light grayish blue
#f4f0eb C=0 M=99 Y=51 K=0 Light grayish orange
#e0e0e0 C=0 M=99 Y=51 K=0 Very light gray
#9e9e9e C=0 M=99 Y=51 K=0 Dark gray
#616161 C=0 M=99 Y=51 K=0 Very dark gray
#f5f5f5 C=0 M=99 Y=51 K=0 Very light gray
#e8e6f0 C=0 M=99 Y=51 K=0 Very light gray