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Read about the many ways our customers use NHANCE NOW to improve customer relationships using new kinds of digital experiences.

How Souq2020 uses NHANCE NOW to simplify product registration and increase capture of customer information.

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Leaupure provides its customer with an end-to-end post-purchase experience with NHANCE NOW.

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Al Reef uses NHANCE NOW to provide a comprehensive digital information package for an immersive customer experience.

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They use NHANCE NOW to get 360 view of their customer behavior in the post-purchase journey.

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A leading hardware company, a global player in the laptop and computers, uses NHANCE NOW to increase cross selling of complimentary products & accessories by 12%!

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Propure uses NHANCE NOW to provide slick self service and reduce support tickets by upto 22%!

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A leading driving school uses NHANCE NOW to manage the lifecycle of its enrolled students.

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Esymart uses NHANCE NOW to simplify product onboarding for their customers leading to a 7% reduction in product returns!

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NHANCE NOW is Ali Amar’s integrated messaging, feedback and marketing automation tool.

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A Leading electronics peripheral brand: NHANCE NOW is the primary tool for user intelligence gathering, deep analytics and personalized interaction to boost retention.

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