Boost cross selling

A leading hardware company, a global player in laptops and computers, uses NHANCE NOW to increase cross selling of complimentary products & accessories by 12%!

The challenge

Customer is a global player in the laptop, computer and computing peripherals. Their worldwide sales of personal computers in the last financial year crossed 17 million units in the retail segment. One of their key growth areas, in terms of revenue, is the sale of complimentary products like extended warranty packages, accidental damage protection plans and laptop batteries.

The brand faced 3 key challenges. Awareness about the availability of the complimentary products, an easy way to sell and having sufficient customer data to promote the products to a larger customer base. Against an industry average of 62% of cross selling the brand was only managing around 23%!

Awareness about extended warranty and accidental damage protection plans was low at 19%. Authorised battery sales were been overwhelmed by cheaper alternatives.

After adopting NHANCE NOW

The brand after due consideration decided to adopt NHANCE NOW to focus on their cross selling activities. It was one of their key focus areas.

They took an integrated approach of digital community building, awareness campaign and easy provision of purchase to drive their cross selling initiatives. They started with a focussed group of customers and sent a Digital Kit when they made a purchase of a personal computing device. It helped them build a connected digital community of customers who became part of the NHANCE NOW ecosystem. This helped the brand run a focussed, highly efficient and extremely cost effective awareness campaign to promote their complimentary products.

They further used NHANCE NOW’s actionable contextual notification engine to offer their customers a simple one touch process to increase sale of care plans and batteries. Powerful business rules allowed automatic push of actionable notifications to customers at appropriate time schedule. The notifications were curated and suggested the best extended warranty package or accidental damage protection plan or battery. Every notification came with a “buy” or a book” option. The acceptance rate increased steadily. Customers needed only a few taps to complete purchases. The brand saw a 11% increase in cross selling within a few months.

“Dealing with our customers directly and offering them a customer experience that they deserve is at the core of our business culture. NHANCE NOW’s simple mechanism allowed us to easily capture customer data while making the process seamless for them. It also allowed us to bring them onto the NHANCE NOW ecosystem. We now have a 24/7 connect with our customers and offer them all post-purchase interactions with a few taps”