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NHANCE NOW Business App

A customer interaction, lifetime sales and experience automation app that helps your business grow fast by automating every challenge faced by small business owners like you.

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Key features

Business App

Digital KitsProvide invoices, warranty certificates, contact info, notifications, alerts, etc in an digital format
  • DashboardGet a quick overview of all activities, statuses and features with an elegant dashboard
  • Digital kitsProvide invoices, warranty certificates, contact info, notifications, alerts, etc in an digital format
  • Generate invoicesIssue mobile friendly invoices along with digital kits after every purchase
  • Push notificationEngage with your customers with contextual messaging, alerts and notifications
  • FeedbackCapture the voice of your consumer. Simple ratings based feedback
  • Service request managementManage all kinds of service requests with simple built in rules

Achieve great results without breaking a sweat

Designed keeping in mind that a small business owner you have done multiple hats and a new tool shouldn't divert you from your core activities.

Quick SetupA 15 minute training is all you need to get going. That's it!
Friendly DesignUser interface and navigation is designed with simplicity at the core.
Simple ReportsGet precise insights on what is working and what needs attention.

An automation app designed to accelerate growth

Start with a SMS, end with a transaction

Provide engaging customer interactions, additional revenue opportunities and lifecycle messaging with automated transactional SMSes.

Automate business processes

Eliminate day to day headaches and business management challenges by automating key business functions like service tickets, customer data management, payments collection and daily business summary.

Personalized interactions to boost lifetime value

Make your customers buy something sooner than they normally would, become repeat buyers with tailored and contextual cross selling, up selling, promotions and exclusive offers.

Focussed, easy to digest report

See where you business is heading with simple yet detailed reports on all key business metrics, sales data, customer data and everything else that matters to you.

How it works

  • Setup is easy

    Simply download the NHANCE NOW Business App and create a FREE account.

  • Customise controls

    Configure which services you need and the parterships to leverage.

  • Scan and Go

    Simply scan invoices of each purchase made. Customer and product profile is created.

  • Autopilot mode ON

    Automation engine start transactional interactions.

  • Sit back and rejoice

    See increased revenue, reduced workload and crisp reports on how you have benefited.

Key use cases

Process automation

Digitize customer records

Move your customer data from notebooks to your online account and access them anytime, anywhere.

Service ticket management

Create, respond, set priority, assign to technicians and collect fees for completed tasks.

Payment collection

Create and share payment links directly with your customers and lessen your cash management worries.

Automated alerts

Set rules based alert for events like warranty expiry, deals & offers, scheduled events, payment collections,renewals and more.

User feedback

Listen to what your customers have to say about your brand and service, conduct surveys with ratings and Q&A based feedbacks.

Alternate revenue generation automation

Sell care plans

Easily sell extended warranty, insurance, AMC, and various other protection plans including renewals of existing plans.

Delivery & fulfilment

Use pre-existing delivery partnerships to enable door step delivery to increase sales.

Sell accessories

Sell the most purchased accessories for the most popular products to increase your lifetime value.

Buy now pay later options

Choose from multiple partners to offer EMI and consumer loan options to make it easier for consumers to buy and improve revenue.

Automated cross sell

Create a product recommendation list and the in-built engine will automatically promote products with payment links / offers to complete purchases.

Service and repair

Pass on appliances and electronic product servicing, installation and repair requests to specialised partners.

Misc consumer products

Use your digitised customer data to sell 3rd party consumer products like financial, travel and other non-competing items.


Help your customers sell used and old products, with instant selling price discover and door step pick up.

Monetize leads

Pass on service requests, installations requests, training and other care services to 3rd party service providers and earn handsome commissions.

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Say Bye Bye to...

Day to day business process management worries, fall in revenue, downsides of less footfalls.

  • Tedious data management
  • Outdated business processes
  • Limited customer interactions
  • Slow growth
  • Indifferent customers


Business automation, increased revenue, online services and a less stressful day at work.

  • Data digitisation
  • Repeat business
  • Alternate revenue
  • Growth on Auto Pilot
  • Simpler business processes
  • Happier customers
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0 INR/moSelect planAll Features
  • 100 Free SMSes per month
  • Limited to managing
  • 100 customers

Most Popular Plan


999INR/moSelect planAll Features
  • Automation Engine (limited) 500 free SMSes per month
  • Free Phone/Chat Support


1999INR/moSelect planEverything in basic
  • Automation Engine
  • 2000 free SMSes per month
  • Access to partner ecosystem
  • Free Phone/Chat Support
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