Smooth &
quick on-boarding

Provide frictionless onboarding to ease the customer's adoption of your product or service

A quick and easy start is the best way to welcome a customer and give them a sense of comfort. It sets the tone for all future interactions and is the single biggest factor in reducing product returns and acceptance of services. With Nhance now you can unify the core solutions such as on-boarding, activation & registration, recommendations; to make the onboarding stage simple and easy for your customers.


Simplify product activation or registration

Product activation and registration is a tricky phase. It usually involves multiple entries in long forms. With NHANCE NOW you can make it a quick and convenient process which minimizes friction and helps customers to engage with the product instantly. It also helps you to gather critical customer information right at the start to personalize interactions.

  • Reduce steps involved in verifying serial numbers or any other unique identification number to activate products or services.
  • Replace long forms. Machine-learning allows auto filling of forms so that your customers only have a few fields to fill up, thereby reducing effort and frustration.

Service request management

Enable your customers to easily raise service requests, allow them to attach media files so you could have a better understanding of the problem or queries. Send instant updates on the progress of the service ticket which provides a sense of comfort to your customers.

Digital repository

Modern day customers want all their documents in one place. Provide lossless digital copies of documents (invoices, manuals, safety instructions, step-by-step guides) in a secure digital “Doc box”.

Smart recommendations

Our recommendation channel helps you to advice and guide your customers at crucial stages of their post-purchase journey. Our virtual assistance engine uses intelligent business rules to recommend the most appropriate action that is needed to be taken or suggestions that need attention.

Smart recommendations are the best way to show that you care and it also helps you to positively influence their decision making.