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Sales Intern

Final Year PGDM/MBA/BBN/BBA/BCOM Student
Bangalore, Full-time

Inspirion Digital Solutions Pvt. Ltd. under its brand name Nhancenow is a digital technology startup that is transforming the way buyers and sellers look at the purchase/sale experience and specifically life post that. It treats that single point as the birth of a new relationship and for each such instance, it creates a series of memorable ‘experience frames’ aka Digital Kits stored securely in a digital locker. This one to one linkage is then leveraged by both parties to harness a high profitable and symbiotic relationship.

With the all new Nhancenow technology platform, every purchase is now an amazing digital experience.


The objective of this drive is to promote the adoption of Nhancenow Business App. Interns will have revenue targets and specific geographic locations assigned. The life of first year recruits at their corporate offices would be simulated in this exercise.

Interns will get to live life in a technology startup for 90 days which will give them the much needed boost and experience as they join the rigours of the real corporate world.


Final year PGDM/MBA/BBN/BBA/BCOM student keen to get an exposure in the emerging app-based economy.

This profile is strictly for students who want to make a mark in sales & marketing.

The Sales Intern needs to promote and market the Nhancenow Business app amongst the MSME segment at Bangalore location.

Applicant should be street smart & good with technology sales.

Willingness to spend time on the field and learn the nuances of sales is a must.

Ability to adapt and perseverance to achieve targets/goals are extremely important attributes.


  1. i. Fixed stipend of Rs. 10000 for a minimum of three successful sale in a month.
  2. ii. Variable stipend of Rs. 2000 for (i.e. for successful sale)
  3. iii. No separate allowances for travel, internet, etc. would be included in the stipend.
  4. iv. Internship can be terminated due to non-performance or disciplinary reasons.


  1. A. A written test
  2. B. A sales simulation exercise
  3. C. Personal interview

We look forward to associating with some future Sales & Marketing stars in the making! An intern exceeding expectations and showing promise will also be considered for Full Time Employment at Nhancenow.

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